What makes staffing solutions by H1 so special?

Our industry-wide knowledge and professionals with 3 decades of experience can predict the best staffing solutions for your company. Apart from providing the basic HR solutions, we are here to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.  We will give you a few more reasons and USPs that make H1 the right choice for your brand.

Process – Merely offering HR solutions is not enough. We work smart and simplify your HR operations. This helps your brand save on time and cost. H1 is one of the leading staffing companies in India solely because of our ethics and smart business solutions.

Preferential Service –H1 is well-known for offering superior services to every single client.  H1 serves PAN India locations with 42 ESIC Sub-codes.

Help-Desk – H1 does not believe in offering service and backing out. After we provide the best staffing solutions for your company, we set up a help desk. As the payroll is processed and there are issues in the salary slips, our team is here to guide you on each step. We will clear your problems and ensure nothing is stuck.

Client Feedback – A business like H1 does not just survive on offering services. We exist as the best staffing solutions provider in India because of client feedback over the years. Yes, we encourage our clients to give us feedback that helps us improve our business solutions. If you are not happy with our work, pick up the phone, and tell us. Our team will work on the issue and ensure you are satisfied with our services. Our business conducts regular client feedback as per client SOP.

Compliance – H1 has a strict adherence to compliance. We send invoices on time and along with it, the previous month’s ECR copy. Our brand believes in working hard for all our clients the right way. No matter what the market situation, H1 is always here to boost your business HR operations.

Voice of Associates (VOI) – With the mental being of employees being the focus of every business in the world, H1 aims to ensure every workforce has a voice that can raise their concerns. We listen to the voice of every associate whether it is a concern they are facing or if they want to raise an issue. H1 offers query resolutions through the ESS Portal & WhatsApp.